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The return of Stoptober in the United Kingdom

A new edition of Stoptober, the English version of France’s “month without tobacco,” began on October 1. The goal of Stoptober is to give smokers who want to quit smoking the best chance at succeeding. A study recently revealed that receiving help when quitting smoking multiplies the chances of succeeding by 500%. According to the […]En savoir plus

Laws & Regulations

Brexit, an opportunity for British vaping

Brexit may be a curse to many, but there is a silver lining for vapers, allowing the UK to make their own decisions regarding many European regulations. This emancipation from the EU will allow the British isles to make their own rules. While electronic cigarettes are cause for debate in Europe, the British have adopted […]En savoir plus


United Kingdom: IVF not reimbursed for vapers

“The Mail on Sunday” has just conducted a survey in British health institutions. It shows that certain hospitals are refusing to finance IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) for people who use electronic cigarettes. 117 establishments were surveyed and 101 of them insisted they do not apply any restriction to vapers. On the other hand, 16 of […]En savoir plus


English association encourages smokers to turn to vaping

In the United Kingdom, the Yorkshire Cancer Research association published a statement on Wednesday based on a study conducted by Public Health England. The study confirms that the use of e-cigarettes is an effective aid to stop smoking. The press release also marks the beginning of the association’s commitment to the “Vape to Quit” campaign. […]En savoir plus