Vaping at the wheel is now forbidden in the UK

 Vaping at the wheel is now forbidden in the UK

English drivers may soon have additional costs to contend with. Vaping at the wheel is now illegaland subject to a heavy fine if caught. Police consider that e-cigarette vapour could negatively affect visibility, and cause accidents. In France, no such law has been implemented, but fines can be applied.


While the country is highly progressive in terms of vaping, they are among the first to take steps to adderss the dangers of smoking at the wheel. Due to the large amounts of vapour that the devices release, vaping can be considered “a distraction” and cause accidents. In the USA, a road accident was recently caused by vaping at the wheel. A pedestrian was hit by a driver who’s visibility was reduced due to an e-cig vapour cloud.

While there are no specific laws addressing the issues, police still have sanctions to enforce. Fines up to 2500 pounds (2800 Euros) can be applied. To avoid this, there is a solution: always vape with the window open.


French legislation soon to change?

Currently, there is no legal framework in France to address vaping or smoking at the wheel. While using a mobile telephone at the wheel is subject to a fine, there is no such law for e-cigs. Nevertheless, depending on circumstances, the police are free to judge if driver behaviour can be considered dangerous and subject to sanction.

The law indicates that every driver must be “in full control of their vehicle”. To do this, they need to have both hands on the wheel and have total visibility. Being in a vapour-filled cabin, or having an e-cig in hand, can be subject to sanctions for this reason.

With the recent developments in e-cig technology, driving laws may change in the coming years. To make sure you are never slapped with a fine, be sure to avoid vaping while driving, or keep the window open. Adopt good habits sooner rather than later to avoid potential disappointments on the road…


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