Vapexpo Lille: A major success … and with some savoury news!

 Vapexpo Lille: A major success … and with some savoury news!

The first edition of Vapexpo in Lille took place last weekend. The first two days, which were open to all, showed that interest in vaping isn’t waning. In fact, the results were just the opposite: almost 11,000 vapers and curious visitors went to the show.

Visitors were primarily concerned with regulation and health questions. With the media often relying too heavily on scientific studies that are not substantiated, the questions were numerous and exhibitors spent a lot of time reassuring visitors about e-cigarette safety. 



On the innovation side, the French e-liquid brand V’APE was particularly popular. They presented a new, original liquid: the Doucoury, which is curry chicken flavoured!


Vaping as an appetizer


vapexpo doucoury

Yes, curry chicken. Sound crazy ? Not necessarily. Indeed, sweet vapour flavours aren’t always pleasant, depending on the situation. For an aperitif, for example, or between an appetizer and a dish, a savoury flavour could be preferable. In short, a more savoury flavour could have multiple uses, but one thing is certain: Doucury was a showstopper!


The next Vapexpo will take place in Paris, but not in September, as previously planned, but rather in October 2018. The location will also change to the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte, since the Halle de la Villette would not be able to accommodate all of the guests.




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