When the image of Trump alters the image of vaping

 When the image of Trump alters the image of vaping

While the electronic cigarette is trying to cement its status as a healthy alternative to tobacco, the American media is putting a stick in its wheels. The perpetrators in question? Donald Trump’s presidential staff, which is not only inexperienced with vaping but also use e-cigarettes while hitting the booze.

With these facts in mind, as well as the unpopularity of the current American president, there is only one final leap, which the Washington Post has recently made. In an article published a few days ago, the Washington Post denounced the lack of seriousness in the White House and amongst its staff, notably calling out their use of e-cigarettes!


When alcohol and vaping mix…

The article evokes an evening that took place in January 2018 within the premises of the Trump administration. This evening was organized to honour the 30th anniversary of the Deputy Director of the Presidential Staff. The Washington Post reports that alcohol flowed, but also that e-cigarette had a strong presence.

The paper adds that the presidential staff does not hesitate to organize regular “happy hours.”

trumpWhat is so disturbing about all of this? The Washington Post notes that the staff seems to have a lot of leisure time, all while the workload continues to accumulate. Faced with such accusations, the White House defended itself. After confirming these facts about the party, the White House explained that employees need moments to take a load off.

The problem is conflating the use of e-cigarettes with laziness. With the article linking vaping and alcohol to Trump’s unpopularity, the Washington Post seems intent on conducting a smear campaign against e-cigarettes.


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