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Scientific studies

Juul spends $7.5 million to finance vaping study

Meharry Medical College has just announced a massive study on vaping, tobacco, and other products containing nicotine. The study’s research funds are not insignificant: $7.5 million, and the financier is one of the biggest e-cigarette manufacturers in the world, Juul Labs Inc. The medical school in Nashville is known for mainly teaching the black community, […]En savoir plus

Lois & Réglementations

Pub pour la vape sur les réseaux sociaux : 4 sociétés rappelées à l’ordre

Quatre fabricants de cigarettes électroniques ont reçu des lettres d’avertissement de part de la FDA et de la FTC (Commission fédérale du commerce). Les deux régulateurs américains reprochent à ces quatre sociétés d’enfreindre la législation concernant la publicité sur les produits à base de nicotine. Les réseaux sociaux sont devenus des outils de communication incontournables […]En savoir plus


Le Hall of Vape, plus grand salon ecig d’Europe !

Il y a quelques jours s’est tenue la dernière édition du Hall of Vape en Allemagne. C’est à l’Expo Center de Hambourg qu’a eu lieu l’événement, début juin. Et quel event ! Avec par exemple son Hall of Modders, dont la taille dépassait celles des trois éditions précédentes réunies. Fabricants de e-liquides comme V’APE ou ou […]En savoir plus


New Zealand: vaping recommended by the government

Electronic cigarettes are one step closer to becoming a smoking cessation tool officially recommended by the Ministry for Health in New Zealand. While vaping is still banned in public spaces, electronic cigarettes have been studied extensively and conclusions are clear that they represent a safer alternative to tobacco. A campaign is scheduled for launch in August encouraging smokers, in […]En savoir plus

Scientific studies

Study: are vape products petri dishes for bacteria?

A recent study by the Harvard Chan School may worry electronic cigarette enthusiasts. Vaping products appear to contain non-negligible quantities of toxic bacteria and fungi. These living creatures potentially entering our bodies may have serious health consequences. The experiment focused on a large, representative sample of e-cigs, including single-use products such as pods and e-liquids. Of the 75 products […]En savoir plus


Imperial Brands is having a difficult year 2019

Imperial Brands, a titan in the world of tobacco products, has just released its sale and revenue forecasts, and it’s not looking good… The groups had been banking on an increase in revenues before the end of the year. The group’s main threat is simply electronic cigarette competition. Founded in 1901, the British company Imperial Brand’s […]En savoir plus

Scientific studies

USA: irrational suspicion towards vaping is growing

A study organised by Georgia State University has produced some alarming figures. From 2012 to 2017, the number of Americans who perceive electronic cigarettes to be dangerous has grown by a factor of 3. The principal author, Jidong Huang, offered various explanations to this surprising development. Jidong Huang’s work was based on a sample of 5,000 testimonies by American […]En savoir plus