After initial success, the Juul device is now facing backlash

 After initial success, the Juul device is now facing backlash

The Juul e-cigarette, the latest trend amongst adolescents, has started to worry health officials. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just launched a campaign to prevent young people from accessing the device.

 The device has seen major success since it was first created in 2007, but praise for the device is no longer unanimous. The trendy device is now in the crosshairs for inciting young people to turn towards traditional cigarettes. The term “juuling” has begun to be used to describe the use of any vaping device, even if anti-vaping organizations are specifically targeting the Juul.


Numerous anti-vaping organizations have written to the FDA in hopes that it will pass new laws against the Juul Labs company. Letters of complaint have also continued to multiply against the founders of Juul. The device, which contains nicotine, is accused of creating nicotine dependence amongst young people, which can easily lead them towards traditional cigarettes.


New laws intended to distance young people from Juuling

Even if the FDA cannot prohibit the sale of the Juul device, which is completely legal, it can still restrict access to minors. However, the ban on sales to minors has already been blocked almost 40 times in the United States in recent months.

fda nicotineThe FDA is now trying to understand why the Juul is so popular amongst teenagers. In order to do this, it has asked for documents describing the marketing and business practices of the company in question. If it can prove that Juul Labs is voluntarily trying to market to young people, new anti-Juul measures will surely be proposed.

 In the face of these accusations, Juul Labs wants to help. The young company recently announced that it would like to be involved in increasing the smoking age from 18 years old to 21 years old. This initiative would cost the company an estimated thirty million dollars.


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