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Scientific studies

Juul spends $7.5 million to finance vaping study

Meharry Medical College has just announced a massive study on vaping, tobacco, and other products containing nicotine. The study’s research funds are not insignificant: $7.5 million, and the financier is one of the biggest e-cigarette manufacturers in the world, Juul Labs Inc. The medical school in Nashville is known for mainly teaching the black community, […]En savoir plus

Business - Market

Juul may be opening its own brick & mortar shops

The USA’s market-leading e-cig manufacturer, Juul, has been in the cross-hairs of the FDA for many months. The reason behind this attention is the popularity of their vaping devices and e-liquids among teens. After making several commitments in this regard, the company may have found a solution by opening physical shops to distribute their wares. The […]En savoir plus


Juul’s Twitter account followed by countless minors

Juul Labs has been working hard to reduce access to their pod vapes for under-age users. However a recent study has just proved that, in 2018, the start-up’s Twitter account was followed by mostly adolescents. The JAMA Pediatrics medical review published an article lately that put the company to shame. The publication showed that, in the month […]En savoir plus


Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is a pro-vaping advocate

For decades, movie stars were the unofficial mascots of the cigarette industry. Internal documents revealed years after the fact indicated that cigarette companies rolled out product placement from 1927 to 1990! Today, it looks like e-cigs are the next generation movie star accessory. A new famous actor has come out in defence of vaping: Kit Harington, AKA […]En savoir plus


USA: e-cigarettes are likened to parasites!

For the last few months in the USA, the electronic cigarette has been viewed as a scourge that is ravaging the teenage population. The Evelyn Lilly Lutz Foundation is behind a new campaign that is now painting the e-cigarette as a parasite. The advertising campaign suggests that it is time to be free of this […]En savoir plus