United Kingdom: e-cig ads on cigarette packs?

 United Kingdom: e-cig ads on cigarette packs?

adsThe United Kingdom is a true El Dorado for vapers. And while the government has already done a lot to support electronic cigarettes, a new project could be a decisive moment. There is now talk of the possibility of placing ads for e-cigarettes on traditional cigarette packs.

stephen_metcalfe pubMP Stephen Metcalfe recently proposed the idea in front of the English parliament. The idea was previously proposed during a meeting of the Science and Technology committee, according to The Pharmaceutical Journal. Promoting electronic cigarettes in this way would further encourage smokers to turn towards vaping.

steve_brineUnder Secretary of State of Health Steve Brine was the first to react to this new proposition, declaring that the idea would be properly studied in the near future. Of course, there is still a long way to go before a new law would go into effect. Nonetheless, this is a particularly promising proposition.


New measures in favour of e-cigarettes coming soon?

Adding e-cigarette-friendly ads to traditional cigarette packs would send a strong message to smokers. In the United Kingdom, the electronic cigarette is already considered a useful and reliable tool in fighting tobacco addiction.

For this reason, there are already numerous initiatives designed to wean people off of cigarettes and turn them towards healthier vaping products.

Recently, the government set up the Vapril event, raising vaping awareness in the UK throughout the entire month. Public Health England, the UK’s leading health organization, is also promoting electronic cigarettes in the nation’s hospitals.

In light of Brexit, further pro e-cigarette measures could be taken in the near future. For Steve Brine, exiting the EU is a chance for the UK to have much more leeway on the legislative side. Consequently, the United Kingdom will remain one of the pioneers in promoting electronic cigarettes throughout Europe.


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