Eddie Huang is revolutionizing cuisine thanks to the e-cigarette

 Eddie Huang is revolutionizing cuisine thanks to the e-cigarette

Once considered a revolutionary product in the world of tobacco, the e-cigarette is now inspiring the culinary world.In any case, in the United States, this is what the famed chef Eddie Huang is trying to do.


His Chinese origins have allowed him to experiment with a culinary culture that is quite different from American cuisine. Whether it be simmered, fried, or smoked dishes, Huang is a true jack of all trades, never closing the door on new possibilities.

In the face of so much curiosity and innovation, the e-cigarette company Blu seized the opportunity to offer a partnership with the renowned chef. The vaping brand assumed that Huang would be adventurous enough to try experimenting with various e-liquid flavours, and it seems to that they were correct!

A Huang-Blu partnership in search of new flavours

Even if he’s not trying to convince people to start vaping, Huang is trying to make the most of this new form of consumption. The idea is to revolutionize “traditional” plates by introducing new flavours derived from vaping products.

Vaping while eating would allows for a wild combination of tasty flavours. This is Huang’s promise, to mix various flavours such as lamb with polar-mint e-liquid, thus increasing the combination of flavours tenfold!

In order to discover the many Asian-style flavours used alongside vaping flavours, Huang and Blu have organized a national culinary tour. The tasting room, which was launched on May 12 2018, will also come to the United States. Citizens of Denver, Miami, and Nashville will be invited to taste these innovative dishes. The opening night, which was held in Malibu, was extremely successful, according to invitees.

Much more than a mixture of different states, Huang is pushing his clients to try new experiences.His objective is to allow for a combination of all the senses and emotions in order to discover new and exciting culinary possibilities.


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