Juul Labs’ mea culpa

 Juul Labs’ mea culpa

In the booming world of vaping, the Juul is currently at the center of various debates. To the alarm of many, the popular vaping device has seduced countless young people in search of new experiences. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA is particularly orried that this trendy new vaping device serves as a gateway towards tobacco addiction.  

It must be acknowledged that in terms of marketing, Juul Labs are experts. Last year in 2017, they saw a 700% rise in sales. The device, which looks like a USB key and is easy to transport, also has a variety of tasty flavors, from crème brulee to strawberry to an array of different cocktail flavors. Consequently, it is not surprising that young people are interested in trying out the new device.

Juul is now at the heart of a major public health debate, which has forced the company to show its hand. The company recently announced a prevention campaign that targets parents who are concerned with the device’s popularity. The campaign, which will be implemented throughout the month of June, hopes to inform the public about the positive and negative effects of vaping.


A prevention campaign that is trying to be transparent

Even if Juul has had phenomenal success amongst adolescents, Juul Labs insists that its main target market is smokers who are trying to quit tobacco. The company also makes clear that the product does in fact contain nicotine, and can hence be addictive. The goal of the campaign is to dissuade non-smokers from using Juul, which is intended to help people quit smoking, not get them addicted to nicotine.

Through written messages, online campaigns, and on the radio, Juul Labs is hoping to speak to parents and their children. The message is clear: “Juul is for smokers. If you don’t smoke, don’t start”. This message should satisfy the FDA, which has long-accused Juul Labs of trying to attract young people without warning them about the potential risks of vaping.


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