Strasbourg: the smoking ban now includes public parks

 Strasbourg: the smoking ban now includes public parks

Parc de l’Orangerie in Strasbourg

After a successful Moi(s) sans tabac (Tobacco-Free Month) operation across the country, Strasbourg is launching “Tobacco-Free Parks”. The famed city in the Alsace region is in this manner developing it’s anti-smoking programme. This particular regulation is unique in France, and came into force on July 1st this year, to ensure “the well-being of all inhabitants”.

It seems everyone was on board with this decision, as it was adopted with a unanimous vote by the Strasbourg municipaity. It is now forbidden to smoke in all public parks in Strasbourg.

In collabortion with the League against Cancer, this measure will be adopted progressively. The ban will first concern the 6 main parks in the city before being extended to all green spaces.

Parc de l’Orangerie in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, at the forefront of the fight against smoking

Strasbourg is among the leading cities when it comes to implementing anti-smoking initiatives. It was one of the first cities to ban smoking in playgrounds in France, as early as 2015. Soon after, the measure was adopted at the national level.

Alexandre Feltz, health councillor and addiction specialist, belieces that “Tobacco-Free Parks” will result in banning cigarettes from public spaces. In the long term, they hope to foster a generation of non-smokers. Statistics seem to support this theory, as France underwent a “historic decrease” in smoking rates in 2017.

As it stands, Strasbourg wishes to push this “Tobacco-Free Parks” initiative slowly and surely. While 2018 will be an experimental year, offenders will be issued fines as early as 2019, up to 68 euros. To help this paradigm shift along, smokers will have access to mediation services. These city employees will be tasked with informing passerby and questioning them about their smoking habits. These professionals can also offer assistance and solutions to those who want to break the habit.


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