The FDA is taking its time to apply new vaping regulations

 The FDA is taking its time to apply new vaping regulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is being a bad student when it comes to enforcing its own laws. Senators have since stepped up to enforce the August 8, 2016 vaping law.

This law, pending application, aims to regulate certain vaping products, most notably e-liquids. Indeed, anti-tobacco authorities believe that the liquids’ tasty, intriguing flavours are far too enticing, and that they encourage young people to vape and become addicted to tobacco.

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No offense to US senators, but vapors are completely capable of controlling their urges, and can vape at their own risk. For the time being, the FDA is not looking at new products already available on the market.


An open letter with a lot of questions

fda nicotineUS Senators are now asking questions and challenging the FDA’s application of its own laws. 14 democratic senators wrote an open letter to the FDA. The senators are worried that the FDA is completely unaware of new vaping products.

Amongst these products is the Juul, which is currently in the line of fire. This vaping device, extremely popular amongst teenagers, is often viewed as a gateway to traditional cigarettes. However, some of the newest flavours were made after the drafting of the August 8, 2016 law.

Vapers can be reassured, however: specific enforcement of the law is far from being implemented. The proposed application of the law has reassured anti-vaping advocates, however, while causing fear amongst vapers who see it as an affront to their private liberties. It is worth remembering that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes.

For now, the FDA has yet to respond to the open letter. A lot is riding on the FDA’s response, as it may define the future of vaping in the USA. The fact that the FDA is taking so long to respond might mean that it has recognized the benefits of vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Indeed, there seems to be a correlation between the rise of vaping and the decline in smoking cigarettes.It might therefore be a public health risk to prevent people from vaping.


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