An airplane co-pilot vapes while flying and almost crashes

 An airplane co-pilot vapes while flying and almost crashes

We have been championing the benefits of vaping for years, but the electronic cigarette is not without its dangers. The proof? A catastrophic event that recently took place in China, where the e-cigarette is at least partially to blame.

Electronic cigarettes are subject to the same aviation restrictions as traditional cigarettes, but a Chinese co-pilot did not respect the in-flight vaping ban. Hoping to use his trusty electronic cigarette, the Chinese co-pilot in question cut off the cockpit’s ventilation system in hopes of getting away with a few puffs.


A serious error that could have ended in tragedy

The mistake was chalked up to human error, of course, since cutting the air-conditioning resulted in a sudden change in cabin pressure. This set off an alarm system, which forced the pilot to decrease altitude to 3000 meters so that the oxygen levels could be restored.

No major incident was reported aside from the aircraft’s rapid descent, which understandably terrified passengers. The aircraft was soon able to return to a cruising altitude of 8,000 meters without further incident. The co-pilot responsible for the mistake is now waiting on a judgment from the aviation authorities.

The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration reported on the event, further demonstrating that in-flight vaping restrictions are not just arbitrary.What to many seems like a harmless act can in fact have major consequences, and surely every single passenger on the airline would agree!    

At a time when e-cigarettes are causing more and more controversy, this incident won’t help the cause. However, it is worth remembering that air travel regulations are strict, and it is only by respecting the law that everyone can remain safe.


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