How to navigate the nicotine booster market?

 How to navigate the nicotine booster market?

boosterTPD caused quite a few upheavals in the vaping world, especially for e-liquids. The ban on the sale of bottles of nicotine juice larger than 10ml effectively put an end to the habits of numerous e-cig users who preferred to purchase 30ml or 50ml e-liquid bottles.

It appears, however, that the authorities did not account for human ingenuity when it comes to circumventing the law.

While selling bottles of e-liquid over 10ml may be illegal, it is still possible to sell small bottles with higher concentrations of nicotine. This is why manufacturers have started to sell unfilled e-liquid packets alongside nicotine that needs to be diluted. Smart thinking, but not necessarily practical for the layman.


How to use a nicotine booster

boosterUsing a nicotine booster is simple: all you need to do is empty the bottle of e-liquid. But watch out! The exact levels of nicotine you end up with will vary.

First step: choose your juice. For this, you have two options: classic e-liquid without nicotine, and e-liquid that is made to function with a booster. The latter has two advantages: the size of the bottle includes space for a booster, and the flavours are much more concentrated in order to counteract the dilution.

The next step is to choose your booster. Currently, the market is dominated by two different dosages: 18mg and 20mg. If you use 20 mg, for example, and pour the booster into a 30ml bottle, what kind of nicotine dosage will you have at the end?

Let’s do the calculation: we have 10ml of 20 mg and 30ml at 0mg. This means at the end, we will have a total of 40ml, a quarter of which has 20mg of nicotine content. 20/4 = 5, which means the e-liquid will contain 5mg of nicotine.

From there, you can dose your nicotine as you see fit. Luckily for those who hate math, there are even calculators online!

Reference table for 20mg boosters by Taklope:



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