CBD legislation: a cannabis shop in France is forced into compliance

 CBD legislation: a cannabis shop in France is forced into compliance

Photo: Courrier Picard

The inauguration of the Green House cannabis store took place on July 23 in France. The atypical establishment was immediately appealing to passers-by, because it is a CBD shop, otherwise known as a store that sells products containing cannabidiol.

The prosecutor of Amiens, Alexandre de Bosschère, did not have to wait until July 27 to point out that the opening of such a business would immediately be the subject of a preliminary investigation, to be carried out by the Somme police department and gendarmerie. In order to guarantee that the Green House respect all regulations, the authorities forbade the shop from advertising the therapeutic effects of its products. Due to this, terms such as “anti-inflammatory,” “pain relief,” “anti-psychotic,” and “cannabis leaf” were removed from the shop windows. Now the store in Abbeville must ask for authorization to reopen.

Photo: Courrier Picard

CBD deserves to be better understood

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring molecule in the cannabis plant, and it is completely legal. Indeed, CBD is often confused with THC, but CBD is not a drug, as it has no euphoric effects and does not affect heart rate.

Upon entering the store, it is immediately clear that the Green House sells all kinds of pure CBD products. There are jars of honey next to incense, teas, essential oils, and also smoking pipes. Cannabidiol is known for its soothing properties and its use as a 100% natural pain reliever. The store’s diverse range of products includes e-liquids with THC levels that are lower than 0.2%. CBD is also effective for helping smokers wean themselves off of tobacco and nicotine.


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