How to fight back against anti-vaping fake news?

 How to fight back against anti-vaping fake news?

Rumours are constantly circulating about the supposed dangers of vaping. Often times, false information comes from uninformed people. Sometimes, however, the lie is well crafted. Indeed, Big Tobacco, as well as some large pharmaceutical companies, are not afraid to discredit the positive effects of vaping as a legitimate nicotine substitute. (Not surprisingly, they don’t seem to be so concerned with tobacco-heating devices.) Some American politicians have even tried to push anti-vaping laws in exchange for support for their campaigns.

One of the most important incidents of “fake news” was found in an article in the New England Journal of Medicine a few years ago. The article, heavily discussed by the press, suggested that e-cigarettes contained large portions of formaldehyde, a molecule known for its toxicity. Additional research carried out by various independent laboratories categorically refuted the article’s findings. It turned out that the e-cigarette coils had been heated up without any e-liquid…


Anti-vaping advocates regularly publish similar fake news stories. As a result, many people have begun to falsely associate vaping with health dangers.

Those who oppose the electronic cigarette often challenge vape users, using anti-vaping arguments invented by supporters of Big Tobacco. In the United States, the population is more in favour of smoking marijuana in public than vaping, notwithstanding the clear and numerous benefits of vaping.


Reasons to choose the e-cig over cigarettes

The electronic cigarette has been the subject of numerous studies carried out by well-known and impartial experts throughout the world. Studies carried out at the University of Catan in Italy showed that the e-cigarette helps prevent the onset of asthma attacks amongst smokers who have asthma.

In Buffalo, Dr. Goniewicz from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Centre found that vaping is blatantly less harmful than tobacco. Experiments carried out in different independent laboratories have further confirmed these results.

Vaping products are also much more effective than nicotine substitutes for people who hope to quit smoking. While nicotine gums and patches help with nicotine withdrawal, only the e-cigarette can replace the physical act of smoking a cigarette, which can be just as addictive for smokers as the nicotine itself.


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