[REVIEW] The Orca Solo by Vaporesso, easy vaping…

 [REVIEW] The Orca Solo by Vaporesso, easy vaping…

Photo: The Vaping Times

orca soloOrca Solo is the latest all-in-one MTL e-cig by Vaporesso. Designed with care and style, it has the potential to be a huge hit. The Orca Solo is among that new generation of equipment that makes veterans say “I wish we’d had something like this back in the early days”.

While it is not entirely obvious at first glance, the Orca Solo is the perfect illustration of the phrase: simpler is better. A compact device – only slightly larger than an Ego AIO – the Orca is a direct voltage system, which means that the power delivered by the battery is channeled directly into the resistance. This means that the actual output will grow weaker as the battery is emptied.

At 30% charge and under, this can be clearly felt, but the large battery capacity makes up for this fact. Unlike many mod devices with this technology, the Orca Solo is fitted with short circuit protection to ensure usage safety in all circumstances.

I hope you studied German in school, because the user manual for this device is in 4 languages, including neither English nor French. Thankfully, the Orca is intuitive and user friendly: a single firing button and an airflow ring are the only interactive components.

As Leonardo da Vinci said: simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. Vaporesso’s new e-cig definitely abides by this rule. A design which brings to mind certain motorcycles, where the engine is welded to the frame to forge a single object, the Orca Solo’s resistances connect the battery and top cap directly.

orca solo
Photo: The Vaping Times

Cotton or ceramic, the choice is yours

orca soloThe Orca Solo is offered with 3 different types of coils. Both are measured at 1.3 ohm and designed for vaping in the 7 to 12 watt range, but the distinction between the two is in terms of materials. One is a ceramic-based, while the second is made from organic cotton. When it comes to flavour or texture, the two are comparable, but the real difference is in terms of life-span. The ceramic resistance will allow you to fill a few more tanks than its cotton counterpart. The vapour is pleasantly warm and dense for this wattage level.

Offered for the price of 21,90 € with V’APE in a total of 7 different colours, the Orca Solo will definitely win over smokers looking to switch to vaping, but also seasoned vaping enthusiasts who prefer MTL and nicotine salts.

orca solo

Technical specifications

  • Manufactured by Vaporesso
  • Connection: all-in-one
  • Length: 195 mm
  • Weight: 49,6 gr
  • Max power: 12 W
  • Tank: 1,5 ml
  • USB charging: yes + passthrough
  • Minimum resistance: 1,3 ohm
  • Battery size: 800 mAh integrated
  • Direct voltage with short circuit protection
  • Drip tip: 510


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