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Our E-cig Christmas list

Christmas time is here again, and if you’re not sure what to offer your vaping friends or loved ones who want to quit smoking, look no further, because we’ve partnered up with V’APE to give you a Christmas list of vaping products that are sure to hit the mark. For the folks over at V’APE, […]En savoir plus

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[TEST] Vaporesso Nexus, the e-cig that thought it was a pod

Pods are all the rage right now. Inspired by the (in)famous Juul, they have taken the vaping market by storm. The sector was reinvigorated by the advent of nicotine salts that revolutionised design for low-wattage vaping. And yet pods are not a new development. They have simply turned poor-quality, entry-level ranges into popular, reliable, and user-friendly devices. With […]En savoir plus