Belgian Vaping Union wants to take down the 2016 royal decree

 Belgian Vaping Union wants to take down the 2016 royal decree

Maggie de Block

belgianDefence of the electronic cigarette is starting to materialize in Belgium. The main vaping association in the country, the Belgian Vaping Union, will soon head to the state council. The goal is for the government to abandon the royal decree of October 28, 2016, a decree that opposes the development of the vaping industry.

Anger amongst Belgian vapers started as soon as the royal decree was announced. The decree recommended that non-smokers avoid the electronic cigarette altogether. This official declaration immediately outraged vaping fans, as it helped prevent the rise of the vaping industry in Belgium.

The royal decree also did not take into account the benefits of the nicotine substitute device. Due to this, the Belgian Vaping Union raised money through crowd funding. The association is hoping to launch a lawsuit to force the ministry of health to abandon the royal decree.

Maggie de Block

A procedure that could some time

Represented by the lawyer Michel Kaiser, the association is bringing forward legitimate arguments. According to Kaiser, the royal decree establishes a “restrictive regulatory regime” that complicates the public’s ability to access electronic cigarettes and further helps tobacco lobbies.

The minister of health, Maggie de Block, is the main target of the lawsuit. The Belgian Vaping Association is hoping that she goes back on her words and recognizes the usefulness of the electronic cigarette.

The association also wants it to be made clear that electronic cigarettes can help smokers. Now it is up to the state council to decide on the Belgian Vaping Association’s appeal. Expected in the coming weeks, the decision could radically change the state of the vaping industry in Belgium.


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