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India: the ban on vaping soon to go into effect

The news has just landed: Vaping is now prohibited in all six Indian states. The Indian Vaping Association (IVA) is stupefied by this decision which is counter to the well-being of the country. The Minister for Health press release was published on August 28th.  Some official document specifies that it will be forbidden to sell, purchase, import, or […]En savoir plus

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Israel has banned the Juul e-cig device

Having met immense success in the USA, Juul electronic cigarettes are now banned on the Israeli market. The statement was made by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. This will most likely represent a huge obstacle to e-cigarette development in the country. Benyamin Netanyahu has held a dual ministry position since 2017 as both the PM and the […]En savoir plus

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Sign the petition to help distinguish between vaping and smoking

The arrival of the e-cigarette in Europe has helped 7.5 million people quit smoking. And yet, those who oppose the device are stubbornly refusing to differentiate between vaping and smoking. Currently, the e-cigarette, just like traditional cigarettes, is subject to numerous taxes. 16 pro-vaping and anti-smoking associations are currently fighting against this tax. They are […]En savoir plus