Vapexpo & Vapevent: Frenchies at war in America!

 Vapexpo & Vapevent: Frenchies at war in America!

Vapexpo needs no introduction. This business fair has for a number of years been the reference for vaping professional and enthusiasts. This expo played a large role in popularizing electronic cigarettes in France. Last March, the Lille edition welcomed more than 10,000 visitors over three days. The expo has been a hit in France, and now is exporting abroad. Next steps: Las Vegas and Madrid.

Vapevent is another event that has been around for a few years in different locations, from New-York to Paris. It turns out the Vapevent team was once behind the organisation of the Vapexpo event. Interestingly, in 2016 the two events were held in Paris only a few days apart. A rather tricky situation for exhibitors.

After its success in New-York, a new edition of Vapevent is planned for next year after a stint in Miami.

vapexpo vapevent

Everything could work out fine if it weren’t for one detail: the dates. Vapexpo Vegas is being held on November 9th and 10th while Vapevent Miami, which is planned for… November 8th and 9th! This is rather unpractical for those wishing to attend both, with 4,000 km and a few time zones between them…



lvccOf course not. After the Paris conflict, it’s now American expo visitors and exhibitors who will have to make a hard decision. To complicate things further, the Vapor Dynasty Expo in San Antonio is taking place on the same weekend.


Comparatively, the layout of the two events provides some information, first of all in terms of scale. Vapexpo is a huge event, taking place in the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the famous CES event is held.  Vapevent is the more intimate of the two. Located in Soho Studios in Miami, it will definitely be more cozy.

Another detail worthy of note is how many exhibitors will be present. While these event plans are available online, we do not know if they have been updated. Vapevent so far is planned to be 100% full, while for Vapexpo there is still a great deal of space for exhibitors. Maybe the site chosen was too ambitious.

While a collaboration between the two would have been ideal to promote the cause, we hope that both events get the attention they deserve!


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