The world’s first vaping industry certification

 The world’s first vaping industry certification

The issue of professional certification for the commercialisation of vaping products has been raised more than once. This project has been in the pipeline for a long time, and may come to light soon. France’s Interprofessional Independent Vaping Syndicate (SI²V) has just announced the creation of this certification procedure.

The world’s first Interprofessional Vaping Industry Certificate (CIMVAPE in French) was officially launched on October 7th this year.   The announcement was made at the Vapexpo fair. The CIMVAPE will officially recognize the expertise of independent vape shops. This is a major milestone for professionals and consumers of e-cigarettes.

The certificate will help ensure the professional vaping industry is recognized for its expertise in France. Of course, the project must be evaluated by the National Commission for Professional Certification.  It will highlight the skills of professionals in the sector in the fight against tobacco.

si²v certification

A major leap in vaping culture

Etienne Persohn, acting president of the Inter-professional Independent Vaping Syndicate, stated this was a huge leap. By creating this certificate, a dedicated category will be opened in the Nomenclature of Frency Activity Sectors (NAF in French).  Vaping professionals will be as a result fully recognized by health authorities.

To benefit from CIMVAPE certification, trainings will begin in the first quarter of 2018. Trainees will have to complete three modules over three days of training. Managers as well as shop employees can benefit from this new training. For professionals, this will be managed by OPCA, the French body responsible for financing professional training.

The content of the training modules has not yet been revealed.  Future announcements by SI²V will shed more light on the situation. Vaping professionals will soon have a certification for their particular line of work.  The very fact this certification was created by SI²V shows how far vaping has come.


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