[TEST] Joyetech Exceed Edge, the affordable sports car

 [TEST] Joyetech Exceed Edge, the affordable sports car

edgeJoyeTech has been notably absent from the pod system market, and this is about to change. With Exceed Edge, the company has shown an original approach.

As it turns out, the Edge isn’t a standard mod pod but rather a hybrid deviceJust like the Nexus, it is relies on pods but the coils are replaceable. So you don’t need to change your pod systematically, which is good for the environment as well as your bank account.  The device can also be re-filled with e-liquid. The pod can carry upto 2 ml, which is to be expected with the 650 mAh battery, a standard combination.

edgeSurprisingly, the Exceed Edge can deliver up to 25w, impressive output for a pod that aims to find the sweet spot between MTL nicotine-salt juice and bigger, denser clouds. This is particularly surprising given the airflow is non-adjustable. Output power is also non-adjustable, in fact the device has a single firing button.  This button is beautifully-integrated and adds to the design, but is this really necessary when competing devices fire upon inhalation?

In terms of coils, the Edge features 2 EX MTL coils with 1.2 ohm resistance, which will be frugal in terms of juice consumption. These are screwed into the pod via a dedicated plate and the whole system is user-friendly.

An unusual design

Joyetech was explicit about where it found its inspiration for the Exceed Edge: racing cars. We can see the design has strong lines and loud colours, bringing to mind big auto brands and flashy sports cars. The red battery indicator LED is placed “on the tail of the car” and the USB port could be seen as a little exhaust pipe.

For others, it may just look like a science-fiction lipstick case…  It all depends where you are coming from. A car enthusiasts will see the connection directly, while a fashionista will see another connection.  This is good news: as divisive as it is, the Edge design can appeal to a variety of tastes. A little over 20€ for 25w of user-friendly, strong vaping is a good deal.


Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 110 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 74 g
  • Tank: 2 ml pod
  • Battery: integrated 650 mAh battery with micro USB charging
  • Coils: EX MTL 1.2 ohm
  • Max output: 25w


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