Vape shops a major asset for local life

 Vape shops a major asset for local life

More and more people throughout the world are recognizing the benefits of vaping. This is notably the case in the United Kingdom, where a healthcare organization recently praised the role of local vape shops, which have had a positive effect on public health.    

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) just published a report on establishments that are improving public health. Entitled “Health on the street,” this study gives points to local establishments. Each business is then classified, with the goal of determining the healthiest high streets in the country.

A surprising fact: vape shops are graded with a 3, an excellent score that is equivalent to museums! This shows just how positive the local impact of these stores has been throughout the country.

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An important recognition of the benefits of vaping

Although the report is not a scientific one, it still proves the evolution of the British people’s attitude towards vaping. E-cigarettes are now universally accepted as a legitimate and healthy alternative to smoking. It is interesting to note that this study was carried out by one of the most reputable British health organizations in the country.

The Royal Society for Public Health underlines the fact that vape shops contribute to improving public health in local populations. The report describes the electronic cigarettes as “much safer than traditional cigarettes.” Indeed, the e-cigarette’s effectiveness in helping people quit tobacco is well established.

The report goes even further, though, providing precise statistics that prove the e-cigarette’s effectiveness. Last year, vaping allowed “approximately 22,000 people or more” to quit smoking throughout the United Kingdom. Specialist shops are finally being championed for their anti-smoking efforts.


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