The worst places in the world for vaping

 The worst places in the world for vaping

While vaping has become commonplace in the last few years, it remains banned in a number of countries. Tourists will have to choose their destinations with care and learn about local vaping laws to enjoy their trips.  Here are a few examples of places where you will get in trouble for puffing on your electronic cigarette.

In Dubai, as in most countries in the Middle-East, e-cigarettes have a bad reputation. Even when in transit another country, travelers have had their vaping devices confiscated. Avoid pulling your gear out of the bag if you are in Dubai…

Singapore is also known for its repressive legislation when it comes to vaping. It is forbidden to purchase or even posess an electronic cigarette, so actually vaping one on Orchard Road is obviously highly discouraged. You risk a fine of up to 2,000 dollars if you are caught consuming e-cigarettes, and 10,000 dollars for importing any vaping gear.


Heavy sanctions depending on the country

While China is the birthplace of electronic cigarettes, Hong Kong has adopted a rather hard-line policy on the subject. Vaping is not seen in a favourable light there, and heavy sanctions can be incurred for those using the banned devices. Sentences can reach two years in prison for those caught in the act.

India is not the most strict of countries when it comes to vaping. However, the state of Punjab happens to be one of the worst places in the world for vaping enthusiasts. Electronic cigarettes are considered “very addictive and even potentially deadly”! In 2016, a 25-year old man was condemned to three years in prison for posessing an e-cig.

thailand places

Last but not least, Thailand is a place where you should be very careful if you are into vaping. The law there is the most strict of all: use of electronic cigarettes are sanctioned with a 10-year prison sentence. However, keep in mind this is only the letter of the law, and thankfull no tourist has ever been subject to this penalty.


Victoria est une amatrice passionnée de vape depuis les premiers mods mécaniques. Elle apporte à BlogVape son expertise juridique sur la vape en France et ailleurs.

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