The French vaping market is growing, and fast

 The French vaping market is growing, and fast

Good news! The e-cigarette is alive and well in France, with an estimated 2 million+ vapers in the country. A new study done by the Xerfi Institute confirms the rising trend, and has suggested interesting, new perspectives for the years to come. In fact, the vaping mark may see a major surge in the next three years.

The Xerfi study, entitled, “The e-cigarette market between now and 2021,” offers an overview of the current market and projects the state of the market over the next three years. According to the study, there are multiple reasons for the recent success of the electronic cigarette in France.

First, smokers are more and more interested in less dangerous nicotine substitutes. The continuing rise of the price of tobacco has also helped the e-cigarette gain favor in France. New innovations are also sure to boost the market, following the success of the Juul in the United States. Finally, the support of tobacconists should give more visibility to vaping.


The current market situation by the numbers

All of these elements result in a very positive forecast for the vaping industry. Xerfi estimates that the French market is currently worth 820 million Euros, which comes third only to the United States and Great Britain.

It is a remarkable rise in terms of profit: from 2017 to 2018, the market grew by 21%. Most of the products sold in France originate from China; French e-liquids, however, make up a third of all sales.

The Xerfi study has once again highlighted the importance of specialist shops, which account for 55% of all e-cigarette sales in France. Online sales (25%) and tobacconist sales (20%) are far behind for the time being. According to the Xerfi institute, the electronic cigarette will continue to see significant develop in the next three years.



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