English Ministry of Health urges smokers to try e-cigarettes

 English Ministry of Health urges smokers to try e-cigarettes

vapotage smokersThe British government has decided to encourage smokers to give up smoking in favor of vaping. A few days ago, Public Health England (PHE) published a video comparing the amount of tar accumulated in a smoker’s lungs to a vaper’s. Not surprisingly, smokers’ lungs are filled with tar, whereas for those who vape, there are only traces of residue.

 According to John Newton, a member of PHE, smokers should not be by scientists who are skeptical about the benefits of vaping. To do this, however, it is important to prove that electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than tobacco. In order to do this, the PHE wants to provide evidence of the dangers of smoking so that smokers can turn towards safer alternatives.

The e-cigarette: one of the best ways to quit smoking

A study carried out by Action on Smoking and Health has shown that there are over 3 million vapers in the United Kingdom. In addition, according to the PHE, between 65% and 68% of e-cigarette users were able to completely quit smoking.

John Newton wants to encourage as many smokers as possible to turn towards vaping and other alternatives like gums and patches. As for Doctor Lion Shahab, who also appears in the PHE video, he hopes that people will get a better idea about the dangers of tobacco. Shahab also hopes that the video will demonstrate just how effective e-cigarettes are in combating tobacco addiction.

Hopefully PHE’s video will help smokers begin 2019 in a healthier way, encouraging them to renounce traditional cigarettes for safer alternatives.


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