France is reconsidering its position on vaping

 France is reconsidering its position on vaping

After a tumultuous start in France, e-cigarettes are have finally been in the land of baguettes. Indeed, it appears that the false dichotomy between traditional cigarettes and vaping has been debunked: the CESE (The Economic, Social, and Environmental Council) has formerly expressed its interest in fighting tobacco addiction.

The CESE, which advises on tobacco and alcohol addiction, could change how the public sees vaping. The council’s recommendations affect government bodies and public legislation. And while up until now there has been no consensus about vaping, it seems that the gears are finally in motion!


France now appears to be in favor of vaping

France could quickly adopt new health policies that are similar to England’s, which are intended to reduce regulations on vaping products. It is worth noting that England is one of the most pro-vaping countries in the world. Instead of restricting e-cigarettes, France may in fact start encouraging vaping as a means of fighting tobacco addiction. This means that policies must follow the CESE’s recommendations, and can no longer ignore the 2019 report.

The 62-page report stipulates that it is necessary to exclude tobacco lobbyists from open discussions about vaping. The report highlights a significant drop in smoking rates in the last few months, but does not draw a specific link with vaping. Nonetheless, a few lines were enough for the CESE to state its pro-vaping position.

The council believes in promoting vaping as a means of quitting smoking, which includes informing the public about related health benefits. It also insists on training health professionals who can accompany former smokers as they change their consumption habits. The CESE’s hope is to finally bring an end to unfair comparisons between smoking and vaping.

All hail the vape! The future of the electronic cigarette in France seems to be getting brighter. While many politicians have yet to respond to this report, they should provide statements in the next few weeks, for it will indeed be hard—nay, impossible!—for them to ignore the latest findings from this important grouping of employers, unions, and associations.


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