[TEST] Smok R-Kiss, 200W in your pocket

 [TEST] Smok R-Kiss, 200W in your pocket

SMOK is a major player in the vaping game. Their experience and design skills are apparent in their latest model, the R-Kiss. Leonardo Da Vinci used to say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and there is a contemporary acronym that has been popularized by the Internet: K.I.S.S.

This means Keep It Simple Stupid, and it looks like the design team at SMOK know exactly how to work with that maxim in mind. Why? Because the R-Kiss is a kit with a box that only has a “variable wattage” function. No temperature control here, no customizable curves. Nothing but adjustable wattage for you to perform some good old calculations using Ohm’s law. Or rather, almost nothing… The large screen that take up most of the front face has additional setting to configure…the display colour. This frivolous customization is of course fun, but we can’t help but wonder why they didn’t simply employ a smaller screen to increase battery autonomy. With up to 200W output, the power has to come from somewhere!

smok r-kiss

Compact yet powerful

Given the output, we’d expect this vape kit to be huge, but it remains rather compact. The casing holds two 18650 cells (not included) that take up all the internal space, such that one may wonder where they hide the electronics. The R-Kiss is one of the smallest devices to hold two 18650 cells!

r-kissTo activate it, there is no firing button but the new and rather popular pressure system: just squeeze the box in your hand to fire it up. Regarding the atomiser (a TFV8 Baby V2), unfortunately, we were less impressed. Designed for power, the device is lacking in flavour. Of course, the vapour will have some taste, but this seems almost peripheral compared to the massive clouds the device can deliver. Airflow is designed to match the massive wattage potential, and even half-closed will offer little resistance. The coil deck was also designed for power, with huge juiceflow vents and two types of coils. The first is a mesh-type at 0.17 ohm, and heats up in no time at all. The second is a dual coil, also mesh-type, measured at 0.2 ohm.

Juice consumption will go hand in hand with the wattage, and it is a hungry device for sure. The R-Kiss can empty a 10ml vial very quickly, so make sure you plan accordingly. Thankfully, the price is rather affordable given the power it delivers: about sixty Euros. And if you choose not to use the included atomiser, the kit is high-quality and can work with any type of rebuildable atomiser or clearomiser.

smok r-kiss

Technical specifications

  • Max output: 200W
  • 2 x 18650 cells (not included)
  • Variable wattage only
  • Coils: Mini V2 A and Mini V2 A2
  • Includes 2 coils, user manual, USB charging cable and spare seals
  • Colour screen
  • 16 mm Drip tip
  • Tank: 5 ml; quarter-turn slider


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