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Vaping material

[TEST] the Frenzy, a pod that struts its stuff

Vaping, just like any market, is subject to trends. When it comes to flavour, first, you have styles and recipes that carry weight – we all remember that passing fad for custard juices – but this also applies to hardware. So, while pods have freedom to roam in terms of design (unlike e-cigs locked into the 510 connector […]En savoir plus

Vaping material

[TEST] Infinix by Smok, a classic and reliable pod

While pod-based e-cigs have been an opportunity for novel design, with manufacturers breaking free from the 510 connection standard, certain trends are emerging nevertheless. The Infinix by Smok is definitely aligned with some of these trends, thanks to a style that immediately brings to mind the Juul or the Lynq. While slightly larger than the latter, it only weighs in […]En savoir plus