Japan Tobacco to release a new line of Ploom devices

 Japan Tobacco to release a new line of Ploom devices

For Big Tobacco companies, providing alternatives to traditional cigarettes has become a necessity, and Japan Tobacco has taken note with the launch of its new Ploom Tech product. The tobacco-heating device now set to hit the Japanese market is expanding the company’s range of products.

The “Reduced-Risk Products” sector, the official name for products that offer safer alternatives to tobacco, is on the rise. The Ploom Tech line of products is sold as an “innovative technology,” and wants to be thought of as a hybrid between an electronic cigarette and a tobacco-heating device. Japan Tobacco’s goal is to attract cigarette smokers on the Asian market.  

 The brand is also targeting the electronic cigarette market, however. While cigarette sales are down globally, smokers may be interested in turning towards the Japanese company. Japan Tobacco is hoping to hold on to its customers with what appears to be a safer product. Based on hybrid technology, Ploom Tech heats a nicotine-free liquid that creates tobacco vapor.

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A new brand of products on the market

The Ploom Tech vaporizers are seeking as wide of an audience as possible. In order to do this, three products will be launched at the same time. Smokers will be able to choose between Ploom Tech vaporizers, the Ploom Tech+ and the Ploom S. The two latter options offer a heating system at low and high temperatures, respectively.   

The brand is highlighting the fact that these devices do not emit any tobacco odor. They also speak highly of the practical quality of the products. The vaporizer, which is very light, also contains a long-lasting battery. Indeed, the Ploom Tech is an improvement over the original Ploom: launched five years ago, the Ploom never found success amongst its target audience.

For Mutsuo Iwai, the vice-president of Japan Tobacco, this is a “new step” for the company. The goal is to capitalize more than ever on tobacco alternatives. But for most smokers, the e-cigarette remains the most popular choice when it comes to weaning themselves off of cigarettes.


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