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Imperial Brands is having a difficult year 2019

Imperial Brands, a titan in the world of tobacco products, has just released its sale and revenue forecasts, and it’s not looking good… The groups had been banking on an increase in revenues before the end of the year. The group’s main threat is simply electronic cigarette competition. Founded in 1901, the British company Imperial Brand’s […]En savoir plus


A big tobacco giant refuses to pay its victims

In Canada, Imperial Tobacco Canada was recently charged alongside two other major cigarette companies. Close to 100,000 victims of tobacco-related illnesses must now be compensated. To try and get around paying for the damages, however, multiple appeals are expected, the first of which is an attempt to delay the proceedings.   Victims of tobacco addiction […]En savoir plus

Laws & Regulations

Is the FDA in big tobacco’s pocket?

For the past few years, a battle has been raging between the FDA and American e-cigarette companies. As an association that is meant to protect consumers, the FDA should be celebrating a device proven to be much less harmful than traditional cigarettes … so why is the Food and Drug Administration so violently opposed to […]En savoir plus


Altria turnings towards edible nicotine

In the face of declining smoking rates, Altria, the manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes, is looking to innovate. The company has just partnered up with Lexaria Nicotine to offer edible nicotine, which is much healthier than cigarettes. This subsidiary of Lexaria BioScience has been making approved oral nicotine supplements for years. The deal was made on […]En savoir plus


African cigarettes are more toxic than anywhere else

A recent study revealed that cigarettes produced in Switzerland and shipped to Africa have higher levels of addictive and toxic elements compared to those produced for the EU market. This scandal was revealed by the NGO Public Eye, and unfortunately is completely legal. Marie Maurisse, the author behind this controversial report, had Swiss cigarettes marked for import […]En savoir plus