[TEST] iJoy Avenger 270, Vaping like the Hulk

 [TEST] iJoy Avenger 270, Vaping like the Hulk

The Avenger 270, signed iJoy, is box and atomiser kit with more power than we know what to do with: 234W! To feed the beast, included are two 20700 batteries for a total of 6000 mAh. This was to be expected, as the Avenger has a Hell of an appetite! First of all, the colour screen displays your settings like a hospital heart monitor…along with a digitized car. Why not?

We can also note a number of more or less useless functions such as infinitely-adjustable LED lighting that can even react to musical rhythms. Why? Well, why not? After all, superheroes have their secrets.


But the real super-power of the Avenger kit is something unexpected: voice command, which is very convenient when you’ve got a drip tip in your mouth. Whatever the case, while this feature is promoted heavily by the manufacturer, you probably won’t use it much. And if you do, this super-hero understands only English. And the user manual is in English too. You dream of controlling your e-cig box via voice-command? Well first you’ll need to learn a few phrases by heart.

As you will see, the command phrases aren’t always the most intuitive. For example, to turn off the LED lights, you have to say, as clearly as possible, “Hello iJoy” and then “Light off”. You’d think, naturally, that “Light on” would turn the light back on, but no such luck. The command, obviously, is “Turn on light”. You can be sure it won’t be winning any awards for this feature.


 So, does it vape?

avengerYes it does, and it does it very well. The two included 20700 batteries are very much necessary to deliver the kit’s 234W. Airflow is designed to compensate for the heat and is as open as it can be. When it comes to flavour, well this isn’t a kit designed for flavour-chasers. But does that really matter? Superheroes aren’t known for finesse.

When it comes to settings, the box has a power mode, temperature control, and custom curves for the first three seconds of your draw. The firmware can be updated and improvements are expected.

This superhero costs about 90€. A lot of the features are gimmicks, a far cry from useful, but for a 234W box with two included 20700 batteries, the price is fair. And at the very least you can show off at parties.


Technical specifications

  • Power: 234W
  • 2 x 20700 batteries (2 x 3000 mAh)
  • 7 ml tank
  • Coils: X3C1S 0.35 ohm and X3 Mesh 0.15 ohm (rebuildable optional)
  • Delivered with 20700 batteries, 18650 adapter, USB cable, colour manual in English, 2 coils, spare tank, tools, and spare seals



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