[TEST] Smok Stick V9 Max Kit, vape that delivers!

 [TEST] Smok Stick V9 Max Kit, vape that delivers!

stickWhile self-regulated kits are now legion in the industry, often geared towards MTL and “lite” vaping, devices designed for cloud chasing are becoming a rarity. The Stick V9 Max is most definitely a cloud-chasing machine. Designed to deliver power with a massive 8.5ml atomiser, this vape carries a whopping 4000 mAh in the battery casing. And with all that, there’s only one button, the firing button. This kit is like Texas, everything about it is BIG. Tank, autonomy, vapour, coils, filling vent, and also, unfortunately, minimal level of e-liquid to reach the wicks… This final point is quite impractical, meaning that if you have less than 4ml of juice in the tank, you’ll need to refill it so the liquid can reach the coils. As a result, this huge 8.5 ml capacity is in fact almost halved (to be fair, the remaining 4.5ml is still quite a lot). Another flaw in our opinion is the protruding glass of the tank, which bulges out and therefore would be the first thing to hit the floor if you ever dropped the device.

tfv8 v2The atomiser in the kit, a TFV8 V2, includes two different types of coils, both rated at 0.15 ohm. What’s interesting is the type of coil used here. The S1 is a mesh mono-coil that can deliver a phenomenal amount of vapour. The S2 is a more classic coil style, “designed for flavour” but that still outputs a huge amount of vapour. Yet surprisingly, despite this colossal flow, the flavour really is excellent.


 The tube-mod style

Old-schoolers (and purists) who started out on the mechanical mod train will love the way the cylindrical device feels in your hand, despite its huge size (28 mm in diameter).

Maximum output is 60W, which is surprising given the amount of vapour it delivers. As the tube regulates automatically, you will always have the perfect Wattage for your coil.

The proprietary drip tip, was designed on the same scale as the rest, even the airflow: both are massive.  Of course, with great power comes great investment in e-liquid. Consumption is, like the rest, huge, so the Stick V9 Max will drain your e-liquid bottles like an alcoholic at an open bar event. One thing that is not as huge as expected is the price: about sixty Euros. A good value offer, especially given the 4000 mAh battery.


Technical specifications

  • Battery: integrated 4000 mAh
  • Diameter: 28 mm
  • 5 ml tank
  • Materials: steel and Pyrex
  • Adjustable airflow (top)
  • Quarter-turn slider at the top
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Delrin drip tip
  • Included: USB cable, 2 coils (Baby V2 S1 and S2) and a spare set of seals

stick v9 max


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