[TEST] Hcigar’s AKSO OS pod, small tank, big battery

 [TEST] Hcigar’s AKSO OS pod, small tank, big battery

aksoThe market demands that we here at BlogVape test a lot of different vaping pods, and some fair far better than others. Hcigar’s AKSO OS—one of the oldest vaping brands—is the latest to try and makes its mark.

Here is our verdict.

At first glance, the AKSO looks like many other pods, what with its flat pen shape resembling the Juul, the Lynq, and the Infinix, but its aluminum body adds a nice aesthetic touch.


A powerful battery for a small tank

Despite its compact size (which stands out amongst the competition), the AKSO OS still uses a 420 mAh battery. This is definitely more than the average: the Lynq has a 300 mAh battery and the Infinix only 250 mAh. However, if you’re thinking that this leads to increased vapor, think again: the pods, which are 1.8 ohm, are only powered by 3.3v, a voltage that is regulated by AKSO and comes out to about 6W. This isn’t much, even for a pod that uses nicotine salts, which means that although you may be able to vape for longer, you won’t be able to vape much liquid. And while some might argue that this device isn’t built for power, wouldn’t it be preferable to leave the choice to the consumer via the coils instead of keeping the power so low?


This device can still produce a decent amount of vapor, but it requires users to inhale a tight pull for an extended period of time in order to exhale anything substantial. The pod is rechargeable, but only has a 1.4ml tank, despite the fact that TPD regulations allow up to 2ml—the tank is 30% smaller, and it is noticeable. While the battery may last all day, users should plan to bring a extra e-liquid with them (which is included in the packaging). The device has no button, and is triggered through inhalation.

In conclusion, the AKSO doesn’t really differentiate itself from the rest of the pack. It’s priced the same as its competitors, and while it has a longer-lasting battery, it has a smaller tank and quite underwhelming power.


Technical specs

  • 8 ohm rechargeable pod
  • Integrated 420 mAh battery
  • USB charger
  • Triggered by inhalation (no button)
  • Constant 3,3V voltage
  • LED light indicating remaining charge
  • Comes with a battery, 2 pods, 1 10 ml flask, a cable, USB, and user manual



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