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Juul, one of the USA’s vaping industry leaders, has just filed a lawsuit against four competitors on the grounds that they are benefitting from the tremendous success of the company’s products. Juul is also accusing their competitors of trying to bypass stringent American health regulations.

Founded in 2007 by James Monsees and Adam Bowen, Juul has become a veritable giant in the American vaping industry. The company has been in the FDA’s crosshairs for the past few months, however, and must now be very cautious, which is why it has decided to go after companies trying to benefit from its precarious situation.

Three companies  (Status Distribution, Status Vapes and K&R Products) have been accused of selling counterfeit products. In particular, flavors similar to those that Juul was forced to stop selling have once again appeared on the market.  A fourth company, Juul Monster, is being prosecuted for having a logo of a monster that is “too childish.”

Photo: Vaping360

Protecting the market from counterfeit products

For Juul, the challenge is clear: maintain a clean record so that the FDA doesn’t come around asking questions. The American health authorities have already accused Juul of starting a “vaping epidemic” amongst young people in the US, which is why certain flavors considered too attractive to minors were taken off of the market.

For Juul, it is crucial that the company not be associated with counterfeit products that attract minors. The company has said that the products in question are “illegal and potentially dangerous.” The fact that these products seem to be “destined for young people” is one of the primary issues cited.

In its quest for respectability, Juul must prove that it is taking the FDA seriously. In order to do this, it must not incite young people to start vaping. Keeping minors away from Juul’s patented pods is essential if the company hopes to stay out of the spotlight. Indeed, the company’s current legal battles are an important moment for Juul’s future.


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