Big tobacco loses historic lawsuit to pay 10 billion euros to its victims

 Big tobacco loses historic lawsuit to pay 10 billion euros to its victims

Everybody knows how dangerous tobacco is, which is why more and more people are beginning to file lawsuits against Big Tobacco. In 2015, Canadian citizens went through the country’s judicial system and filed a major lawsuit against Big Tobacco that involved thousands of plaintiffs. A verdict has just been reached, and the result is a record-breaking pay out.

In 2015, the supreme court of Quebec cracked down on Big Tobacco. The Canadian subsidiaries of British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International, and Philip Morris International were all charged with lying about the dangers of tobacco since the early 1950s.

The verdict gave voice to 100,000 former smokers seeking $15 billion Canadian in damages, which is approximately 10 billion Euros. Big Tobacco appealed the lawsuit, but the trial went ahead and a final verdict was confirmed on March 1 2019.


An unprecedented victory in the fight against Big Tobacco

This is a historic verdict for victims of tobacco-related cancer. For decades, cigarette manufacturers have been lying about the risks of tobacco and the effects of smoking public health. Cigarette manufacturers are well versed in disinformation campaigns, but they are finally getting their comeuppance.

Canada’s Cancer Society has called this a “major defeat for the tobacco industry.” With interest rates dating back to 2015, tobacco manufacturers will have to pay out over $17 billion Canadian. Yes indeed, this historic victory against Big Tobacco is a major turning point in the legislative fight against cigarette manufacturers.

The three tobacco companies do not intend to give up the fight just yet, however. In the face of disastrous financial consequences, they are taking the case to Canada’s supreme court in hopes of saving face.


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