France’s national printing works to put special label on tobacco products

 France’s national printing works to put special label on tobacco products

imprimerie printingFrance’s national printing works has developed a new label for tobacco products with the goal of fighting the black market and increasing the traceability of contraband.

 Tobacco products sold in France are to be labeled with an exclusive identifier and code attributed by the “Imprimerie Nationale,” France’s national printing works. The organization, now called IN Groupe, is an international specialist in digital identification.

The labeling is the result of a European directive that intends to classify the packaging of all tobacco products with a tamper-proof security device. The device should have both visible and discreet aspects, but the goal is to improve product verification.

imprimerie printing

Towards a global traceability system for tobacco products

The WHO’s International Tobacco Smuggling Protocol hopes to create a global traceability system for tobacco system. In order to do this, it is recommended that the security device have at least one visible element. The system should require a verification system that includes specific tools developed by a professional laboratory.

Cigarette packets sold in France will have a total of 5 official identifiers, which will be similar to those found on official tender. In addition, each packet will have a unique identifier connected to an official database. This will make it easier for customs agents to trace tobacco products and immediately know whether or not they are dealing with contraband.

An anti-fraud law was already passed last year in France, forbidding any individual from bringing more than four cigarette cartons into the European Union. The fines for transporting, selling, manufacturing, or possession have also been doubled, potentially reaching 5,000 Euros.


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