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Tobacco product traceability now mandatory in Europe

The 2014 anti-tobacco initiative was voted by the European parliament, but there are difficulties enforcing directives among member States. This week, a new measure is rolling out across the EU. The traceability of cigarette packs is a necessary first step to reducing black market cigarettes in Europe. Announced in 2014, the law was only applied to France in November 2018. […]En savoir plus

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The FDA under fire by anti-vaping organisations in the USA

The Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) was rolled out on August 8th, 2016. This means new responsibilities for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The organisation must deliver market authorisations for any product in the electronic cigarette sector. The FDA has stated this is an impossible task that will slow down the organisation and hinder its effectiveness. Given the unknowns in […]En savoir plus


The Lucky Strike brand name may soon be banned in France

The 2014 Tobacco Directive set European-wide regulations for cigarette legislation. However, certain member states have not been respecting the law’s specific articles. This is the case for Article 13, concerning the “promotional names” of various brands, and article that may soon be applied in force. The article targets tobacco brands that use suggestive names for […]En savoir plus


Canada plans to adopt neutral packaging

In the last few years, neutral packaging has proven itself time and time again, in many countries. The concept is to eliminate all visual marketing on cigarette packaging, and it is highly effective. This is why Canada has now taken up the call and will be pushing this policy for 2020. Santé Canada has just announced new […]En savoir plus


Heavy sanctions for cigarette trafficking

After 10 years, justice is served. In October 2009, French customs seized a vehicle carrying 6 tons of contraband cigarettes. That is to say 30 000 cartons. The mountain of “Regal King Size” cigarettes was hidden behind boxes of dog food. The tobacco shipment was captured in the Roscoff harbour, in the Finistère region, and destined for […]En savoir plus


1,6 million French citizens have quit smoking for good

On March 25, the French prime minister made a striking statement: 1.6 million French people quit smoking in 2017, according to a study carried out by « Baromètre Santé ». The government is celebrating this news and is highlighting the positive impacts of various measures implemented to fight tobacco addiction. But what is really behind the numbers? […]En savoir plus


France’s national printing works to put special label on tobacco products

France’s national printing works has developed a new label for tobacco products with the goal of fighting the black market and increasing the traceability of contraband.  Tobacco products sold in France are to be labeled with an exclusive identifier and code attributed by the “Imprimerie Nationale,” France’s national printing works. The organization, now called IN […]En savoir plus