The FDA believes there is a link between vaping and epilepsy

 The FDA believes there is a link between vaping and epilepsy

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Just how far is the FDA willing to go to slander the electronic cigarette in the eyes of public opinion? The FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s latest words suggest that vaping may cause epileptic seizures! This absurd statement, which is based on absolutely no scientific evidence, will now lead to an FDA inquiry.

According to the American health authorities, members of the public have recently informed them about health issues related to the e-cigarette. Between 2010 and 2019, there have been 35 cases of epilepsy amongst American vapers, and in the agency’s opinion, the electronic cigarette may be the cause.

Most of the cases involved teenagers and young adults, and while 3.5 cases per year seems quite low, the FDA has nonetheless decided to investigate the reasons for the epileptic seizures. The agency has specified that for the time being, there is no link between vaping and epilepsy.


Nicotine poisoning?

The lack of concrete evidence has not prevented the American agency from spreading alarmist rumors. Is this to scare American consumers? In the past, nicotine poisoning has been blamed for causing epileptic seizures, but these cases were the result of ingesting e-liquids, not inhaling them.

Scott Gottlieb went even further in pointing the finger at the high levels of nicotine in Juul. Similarly, there is no evidence whatsoever of a link. Out of the 35 cases cited in the last ten years, some of the victims had a previous history of epilepsy. Others also admitted to taking amphetamines, and the e-cigarette’s role in causing epileptic seizures remains tenuous, at best.

On Twitter, the FDA’s commissioner confirmed that the agency is looking for clear evidence to prove the risks of vaping. According to Gottlieb, there are dangerous substances to be found in e-cigarette vapor (which he says are not found in cigarette smoke!) At least Gottlieb, who is planning to leave the FDA in the coming weeks, can be proud of continuing his anti-vaping crusade until the end.


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