Vaping companies are being sued for creating a nicotine dependence

 Vaping companies are being sued for creating a nicotine dependence

Last year in Miami, a company that sells vaping products was sued for causing nicotine dependence. During the trial, one of the teenage plaintiffs claimed he was a victim of the company’s false advertising campaign, which sold addictive electronic cigarettes with a particularly high-level of nicotine.

The plaintiffs are supported by research that shows that nicotine salts contain more nicotine than traditional cigarettes. This would help explain why so many people who vape are dependent on e-cigarettes, especially teenagers who started vaping for fun.


Controlling the amount of nicotine

Low-priced e-cigarettes are not able to control how much nicotine enters the bloodstream. This is not the case, however, for more sophisticated products, which are much better at controlling how much nicotine a user inhales and can thus help prevent nicotine dependence. If you are not a smoker and you want to vape for pleasure, you can still do this without any risks.

The main problem is that vaping mods for controlling nicotine intake are expensive, and not everybody can afford to buy such a device. This is particularly unfortunate because treatments for nicotine dependence are far more expensive than more expensive vaping devices.

We now know that the effects of nicotine dependence are particularly bad for teenagers: addiction can lead to low self-esteem, but it can also cause learning disabilities and increase the risks of developing cancer.

In terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the best option is to invest a little bit more money in a vaping device.


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