[Test] Uwell’s Blocks kit, a fully kitted and powerful BF

 [Test] Uwell’s Blocks kit, a fully kitted and powerful BF


The two components in the Blocks kit are: a dripper (Nunchaku) and a bottom feeder box  (the Blocks AKA Squonk) are both high-quality gear. The BF/Dripper combo is simple: the battery box contains a tank of e-liquid along with a plunger button to pump juice right into the deck bowl to soak the wicks.

BLOCKSBoasting a 90W power output, the Blocks delivers seriously dense vapour but also, a pleasant surprise, exquisite flavour thanks to the dual coil build on the dripper deck. The whole thing is rather compact given the size of the tank in the box  (15 ml!), the unit is powered by a 18650 cell (not included). Given the power output – combined with the included 2 NiChrome 0.3 ohm coils – make sure to use only high quality battery cells.

blocksThe build is as simple as it gets, the deck is a Velocity type model and, thank you UWELL, larger geuge and better quality screws than we would expect, indicative of a solid and long-lasting design. The dripper’s BF pin does its job admirably and the e-liquid pump button sits alongside the dripper. Don’t worry about getting the plunger confused with the firing button, as the latter is located on the side of the box and produces a satisfying click. Press of the plunger up top to reload your wicks, and you can keep an eye on your tank level by checking the oblong porthole on the side of the box.


Simple and effective

blocksThe Blocks has two buttons: the firing button and the mechanical plunger. The system automatically picks the right wattage based on your coil resistance, with all the necessary protective circuits (this isn’t a mechanical mod). Altogether, the kit is compact and comfortable in the hand, and feels weighty as a two-cell box, only this time one is a chamber of liquid, so you won’t be getting multi-day mileage. And with a single 18650 at upto 90 watts, you’ll drain the cell before you even get close to the bottom of the tank.

Airflow is on par with the power output, allowing for single coil builds if that’s your kind of thing. The vents are large but precisely adjustable, meaning you can adapt them to any vaping style.

In terms of accessories, UWELL thinks big: USB cable, triangle screwdriver, spare seals, wicks, coils, an extra pin, … everything you need except for the battery cell.


Technical specifications

  • BF Box with 15 ml tank
  • Max output: 90W
  • 1 x 18650 cell (not included)
  • Circuit protection
  • RDA with Velocity deck
  • Delivered with 1 Blocks box, one Nunchaku RDA, 2 coils, spare seals, screws, screwdriver, USB cable, 510 pin, wicks, and the user manual


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