The canadian cancer society is not a fan of the country’s latest decision on vaping

 The canadian cancer society is not a fan of the country’s latest decision on vaping

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A legal battle is pitting vaping companies against Canada’s Cancer Society. The government wants to limit the amount of vaping advertising in the country, but Quebec’s Supreme Court just rejected the proposal. Now, the law will have to be rewritten in order to reach a final decision.

Quebec’s Tobacco Control Act will review current e-cigarette policies, as Canada’s anti-cancer societies were expecting a major restriction on vaping advertising. However, Quebec’s Supreme Court rejected two of the proposed measures.  

The first of these two articles involved showcasing products in stores and in specialized clinics. The second was a ban on advertising targeting smokers hoping to quit smoking. This recent verdict is a victory for pro-vaping associations, but it could be the beginning of a long legal battle between e-cigarette supporters and opponents.

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Vaping advertising: a cause for concern?

Canada’s Cancer Society (SCC) is ready for a fight. The association is heavily anti-vaping, and has asked the Quebecois government to review this latest decision to court. The goal is to make sure that the ban on advertising for e-cigarettes remains in effect.

In his verdict, the judge believed it was important to educate the public about the differences between vaping and smoking. The SCC does not believe that such a distinction should be made, however, and points the finger at the dangers of vaping for teenagers. Despite the fact that there is no proof of this, this is same argument the FDA has used in the past months.

The SCC believes that cigarette manufacturers are some of the biggest sellers of e-cigarettes in the world. In their mind, allowing them to advertise vaping products could present a risk to minors. However, it remains to be seen what the new law will propose in terms of fighting tobacco addiction.


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