Canada has renewed its authorization for vaping advertising

 Canada has renewed its authorization for vaping advertising

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A Canadian Supreme Court judge has just reversed the ban on advertising for vaping products. The reason cited: “a violation of freedom of expression.” Businesses that sell vaping products will once again be able to advertise their products as they see fit.

 The judge behind the decision, Daniel Dumais, has no interest in continuing to muzzle the vaping market, and he believes that advertising for vaping products should be legal. For him, the only condition is that e-cigarette businesses only market to smokers hoping to smoking, and that the advertisements make clear that e-cigarettes are a tobacco substitute. The ban on advertising for vaping products will remain in effect in regards to minors.

This verdict is based on the fact that electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Daniel Dumais has given the Canadian government six months to modify the law.

photo: Vaping360

An important verdict for the vaping industry

According to Valérie Gallant and Quebec’s Association of Vaping Stores, this is a major victory. Both parties remain wary, however, because the Canadian government might still try and appeal the decision.

Gallant may also ask for financial restitution. When the law came into effect, she saw a 60% drop in turnover, which resulted in bankruptcy.

Thanks to this change in attitude, Quebec’s Association of Vaping Stores hopes that the government will finally see it as an ally in the fight against tobacco addiction. The association also hopes that this law, which has already caused the industry so much harm, will be soon be a thing of the past.


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