[TEST] the Frenzy, a pod that struts its stuff

 [TEST] the Frenzy, a pod that struts its stuff

frenzyVaping, just like any market, is subject to trends. When it comes to flavour, first, you have styles and recipes that carry weight – we all remember that passing fad for custard juices – but this also applies to hardware.

So, while pods have freedom to roam in terms of design (unlike e-cigs locked into the 510 connector requirement), we still see trends emerge that drive manufacturers to copy each other.

GeekVape has quite a reputation for innovation (remember the mighty Zeus?), but the Frenzy we are reviewing today is more of a little brother to the model that launched this fashion in the pod market: the Orion by Lost Vape. The Orion, a reference in the vaping industry, was the first to incorporate the new DNA Go chipset, specifically designed for the device. Compared to the Orion, the Frenzy is thicker, but shorter and narrower.  It is comfortable in the hand, with a winning design.

The blocky style is reminiscent of the PAL II, which we also reviewed here at Blog Vape, or the Trinity Alpha by Smok.

Unfortunately, while certain models surpass the master that inspired them, this is not the case for the Orion. The Frenzy is an excellent product, but there are some disappointing elements, starting with the pod itself. There are two major flaws in the design. First of all, the magnetic connector keeping the pod and battery together is too weak. If you shake your e-cig a little, it’ll come apart. If you pull it from a tight pocket, you’ll leave one half in the pocket. The second issue has to do with estimating how much e-liquid you have left. The tank is dark-tinted and you can only see through the glass by holding it up to a bright light.


The Frenzy has an ingenious TC system

TC or temperature control, while highly convenient, has never really been a strong selling point. The Frenzy might change that. This function is auto-regulated. So whether you are working with coil 0.7 or 1.2 ohm coils, the Frenzy will switch from VW to TC depending on the coil detected. Note that these are the same types of coils we find in the Flint. The Frenzy is a hybrid (a pod with replaceable coils rather than changing the whole pod).

In terms of specs, we get a 950 mAh cell for a max output of about a dozen watts. So the autonomy of the device is good, even though some may consider that a little light given the large airflow, unusual on pods.

Flavour is, as expected, similar to the Flint, that is to say pure MTL. An ideal pod for nicotine salts, especially given the price point of 30 or so Euros.


Technical specifications

  • Rechargeable 2 ml pod
  • Coils: 0.7 or 1.2 ohm (identical to Flint)
  • Battery: USB chargeable 950 mAh
  • Three power levels
  • TC or VW depending on coil
  • Delivered with battery, pod, 2 coils, manual, and USB cable



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