[TEST] The Innovator by Teslacigs, the next-generation ego?

 [TEST] The Innovator by Teslacigs, the next-generation ego?

innovatorTeslacigs is a reference in the vaping world. With this new model, the renowned manufacturer has created a simple, affordable, and well thought-out e-cig.

Measuring 19 mm in diameter with a 1.8 ml tank, it is compact and fits nicely in a trouser pocket, but still larger than a pod system. Where it shines is its autonomy: 1100 mAh, a solid amount of charge to keep you vaping through the day. A LED indicator above the firing button will let you know your battery charge.

The real innovation is in the atomiser, which definitely lives up to the title of Innovator. This atomiser is almost entirely out of plastic, more specifically, PCTG. This is a tough tank with a clear window to see the atomiser in action, a definite added value in terms of style, which also unfortunately increases the weight. While some purists may be aghast at the very idea, there are many benefits to this design choice. We really appreciated the threading of the (proprietary) drip top, which is a dream to unscrew to fill up your tank: PCTG provides a particular sensation, difficult to describe, that tells you it is snugly connected to the device; one could even say the sound is close to ASMR.


“Are you still vaping cartomizers?”

innovatorOld schoolers in the vaping world will remember cartomizer technology, this old fashioned e-cigs with that characteristic crackling sound when you fire them up. The Innovator, or rather the Citrine (the name of the atomiser itself) produces a similar sound. Unlike the cars, these Teslas are noisy, so this isn’t your ninja vaping set-up. They will hear you before they smell your vape juice. But the experience with the Innovator is truly a welcome and pleasant surprise. Somewhere between MTL and DTLthe Innovator outputs 23 watts max and it seems to be just the right amount. Coils are designed for this power output, from 0.6 to 0.9 ohm, which means consumption is on the lower end of the scale. In terms of use, the Innovator selects wattage automatically, you just need to press the firing button to use it.

You can of course use a different atomiser if you want, as the kit works with a traditional 510 pin connection.

At around 20 Euros, the Innovator kit is a tempting offer. Tesla has produced a well-designed and effective device. While pods are all the rage these days for vaping enthusiasts, the Innovator could slice out a solid market share, along with its competitor the Flint, for example, which has similar features.


Technical specifications

  • Atomiser: Citrine (PCTG) 19 mm
  • Integrated battery (USB charging)
  • 1100 mAh
  • 23W max output
  • Coils: 0.6 and 0.9 ohm
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Top-fill system
  • Delivered with user guide and USB cable


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