Murdered for $25 worth of e-liquids

 Murdered for $25 worth of e-liquids

Lloyd Chavez

Four minors have been accused of murdering Lloyd Chavez, an eighteen-year-old boy. The killers committed this atrocious act during an illegal transaction of vaping products, for the measly sum of an estimated 25 dollars.

At 9:30pm on May 8, Lloyd Chavez was shot in the gut in front of his home with a 22. The victim died during surgery. Before dying, he was able to give investigators the name of the killer. The police immediately arrested Demarea Mitchell, Juliana Serrano, Dominic Stager and the presumed shooter, Kenneth Gallegos. The oldest of these teenagers was just 17 years old.

According to the Arapahoe County sheriff, Juliana Serrano was Snapchat friends with Chavez, a young rugby player who used the application to sell vaping products. A meeting was organized between the two teenagers to finalize the sale, but instead, Juliana showed up with three friends.

Lloyd Chavez

A town shaken by tragedy

Juliana’s statement has left the police confused. At first, she said that there was no plan to rob the victim. Afterwards, she retracted this statement and admitted that the teenagers did intend to take Lloyd Chavez’s merchandise. After shooting Lloyd, the four teenagers ran away. Juliana also kept the twenty-five dollars she owed the victim.

During her interrogation, the young woman did not name the person who shot Lloyd Chavez, but the victim’s last words suggest the killer was Kenneth Gallegos.

Following this tragedy, the residents of the town mobilized to collect the necessary funds to pay for the young boy’s funeral. Lloyd Chavez was buried on May 18 in Denver.


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