Paris: smoking ban spreads to 52 parks

 Paris: smoking ban spreads to 52 parks

Anne Hidalgo has just announced a new smoking ban in 52 parks and gardens throughout France’s capital. Up until now, only 6 green spaces in Paris were affected by the current smoking ban.

The mayor of Paris made the declaration on the global tobacco-free day. The goal of the decision is to limit the amount of second-hand smoke and to fight against pollution caused by discarded cigarette butts. Current legislation, which has been in place since 2015, prohibits smoking in any areas where children play.

The first anti-smoking parks were inaugurated in six different Parisian locations in July 2018. The legislation was successful, as the number of discarded cigarette butts significantly declined after the ban was implemented. Consequently, the mayor of Paris has decided to expand the ban to numerous parks throughout the capital. Nonetheless, the new legislation will only affect 10% of all green spaces within the capital.


Raising awareness before the crackdown

From June 8 onwards, city officials will be passing through parks to explain the new legislation to smokers. To improve communication, signs will also be posted in the affected locations.

Ashtrays with fun designs will also be installed in each of the 52 parks. These types of ashtrays have dual compartments that allow smokers to put their cigarette butt in one of two survey options. These fun and interactive ashtrays have begun to crop up more and more throughout French cities and indeed all over the world.

Those who do not respect the smoking ban in the 52 parks will have to pay a 38 Euro fine. The new law is set to begin on July 1, 2019.


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