Banned for life by an airline company for vaping on a flight

 Banned for life by an airline company for vaping on a flight

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A low-cost American airline company called Spirit Airlines recently banned a passenger for life. The 30-year-old man was accused of vaping in the airplane’s bathroom during a flight between Detroit and New Orleans.

The story starts on flight NK 985. During the trip, a passenger noticed that the man sitting next to him was acting strange, and for good reason! The man, who was trying to vape in his seat, tried to be discreet by blowing vapor into a plastic bag. The passenger immediately reminded him that smoking in the cabin was strictly forbidden, but the vaper in question seemed quite drunk.

Undaunted, the thirty-year old man went to the bathroom’s restroom to keep vaping out of sight, but he was caught by the smoke detectors, which began to sound after a few minutes. The pilots were obligated to begin an emergency procedure and had to descend to a safer altitude. The sound of the alarms and the airplane’s rapid descent caused temporary panic amongst the passengers.

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No legal ramifications despite an obvious case of bad faith

Authorities interrogated the young man from Saint Petersburg, Florida once the airplane landed at its final destination. He completely denied having vaped inside the aircraft despite testimony from numerous other passengers. He then said he was not aware of the specific vaping regulations within airplanes; despite his bad faith and the evidence against him, he was not taken to court.

Consequently, Spirit Airlines has decided to blacklist the young man from ever flying with them again. According to witnesses inside the aircraft, the man also brought and drank copious amounts of alcohol onboard, which is also against company policy.

This year, a man named Grant Gustin also caused issues on a flight to Vancouver. The actor from the TV show “Flash” set off the alarm for trying to vape in the airplane bathroom. When he left the flight, he received a warning from Canadian authorities.


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