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Canada plans to adopt neutral packaging

In the last few years, neutral packaging has proven itself time and time again, in many countries. The concept is to eliminate all visual marketing on cigarette packaging, and it is highly effective. This is why Canada has now taken up the call and will be pushing this policy for 2020. Santé Canada has just announced new […]En savoir plus


Heavy sanctions for cigarette trafficking

After 10 years, justice is served. In October 2009, French customs seized a vehicle carrying 6 tons of contraband cigarettes. That is to say 30 000 cartons. The mountain of “Regal King Size” cigarettes was hidden behind boxes of dog food. The tobacco shipment was captured in the Roscoff harbour, in the Finistère region, and destined for […]En savoir plus


Is tobacco finally becoming taboo?

A recent study has revealed the positive effects of neutral cigarette packaging. Smokers are less and less confident pulling out their cigarette packs in public, which is yet another step towards making tobacco taboo, as evidenced in the drop in tobacco sales in 2018.    Debates have been around since neutral cigarette packets were introduced […]En savoir plus